Life-Affirming Services for Women in Need

At Options for Women, a pregnancy medical clinic and resource center, we offer the following services at no cost.

Pregnancy Testing

Options for Women provides lab-quality pregnancy testing services to women facing an unplanned pregnancy. Our testing method is more accurate than at-home pregnancy tests, and providing this resource allows us to connect with women in our community seeking encouragement and support.


Having an ultrasound is the next step in confirming pregnancy. These are offered at no-cost to women who have had a positive pregnancy testing result at our clinic. Ultrasounds are used to determine viability, gestational age, and location of the pregnancy (additionally, showing a woman her growing child shows her that there are more than just a “clump of cells” growing inside her). Our ultrasounds can be the deciding factor between life and death for an unborn child.

STI Testing

At Options for Women, we provide STI testing for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea, which are the two most commonly reported STIs. As you may know, having an STI while pregnant can cause serious harm to both the woman and the baby, so we want to ensure that women are free of STIs to limit complications during pregnancy.

Abortion Pill Reversal

If a pregnant woman has only taken the first pill in the two-step abortion pill process and changes her mind, she may still be able to save the pregnancy. Options for Women provides the Abortion Pill Reversal treatment to these women in our community.

Prenatal Care*

Beyond the initial pregnancy testing and ultrasound appointments, Options for Women is one of only a few clinics in Minnesota to offer comprehensive prenatal care at no cost to women in need of medical care and support throughout pregnancy.

Pregnancy & Parenting Classes

Options for Women offers support to women and families who choose to parent throughout the journey to help the children reach their potential in a safe and loving family environment.

Our pregnancy education focuses on:

  • Nutrition
  • Fetal Development
  • Labor & Delivery Preparation
  • Breastfeeding Support

Individual and couple instruction is available to help develop strong parenting skills with topics covering:

  • Health & Safety Issues
  • SIDS and Infant Head Trauma Prevention
  • Infant & Toddler Care
  • Discipline Techniques
  • Family Management

*Patients are responsible for lab-work and delivery costs.

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